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Travels in Revolutionary France and A Journey Across America

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Complimentary Breakfast. Liberalisation is sweeping over the continent, extending to carpooling, too see article. In Sweden deregulated its national market, letting private coaches compete even against state-run, short-distance buses. Germany threw open its long-distance domestic transport market to private operators in Italy, deregulating in stages, completed the process last year.

And in August France, the last big holdout, implemented a sweeping law that lets coaches compete with its treasured TGV trains. Early gains look dramatic. Coach travellers in Germany, for instance, doubled to 16m in all but 4m on domestic routes.

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Cross-border travel is also surging. But this should double in the next few years. Bus firms are launching services across western Europe. Edward Hodgson, an executive, expects rapid expansion. He points out that France had only , intercity coach passengers in all of , but saw , in the single month from mid-August.

Paolo Beria, a transport expert at Polytechnic University of Milan, says hundreds of new jobs have been created so far in Italy as coach travel has expanded, especially in the north.

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Coach bosses claim they get new people travelling. Nonetheless, cheap coach tickets are likely to put a squeeze on rail fares. More likely, however, neither of that pair will flourish. Success lies less in owning fleets or hiring drivers, and more in marketing, online ticket sales, reaching youngsters and scheduling vehicles cleverly so they are always in use. It owns none of its green-and-orange vehicles and employs no drivers. Expansion in France is now easy: beyond basic safety requirements, you need no licence to run a coach service.

Change leaves some bewildered. Johan Blom, a Belgian Flixbus driver, smokes a cigarette in the autumn sunshine in Paris. His mighty bus, one of eight owned by a hotel in Brussels, had arrived a few hours earlier with 54 passengers. All had bought tickets online, many at rates he considers laughably low, below the cost of conveying them.

He shrugs and says he is about to retire, when he will take his wife on holiday to Portugal—though not by bus. Join them.