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That part of it which arrives as a beam of parallel rays is referred to as direct solar radiation, and that which is scattered in the atmosphere and reaches the earth's surface from all directions of the sky is called diffuse solar radiation. Both of them are reflected back into the atmosphere when they reach the earth's surface, and this third type of radiation is defined as reflected radiation.

All of these radiations differ from solar radiation arriving at the upper level of the atmosphere in intensity as well as in spectral composition although they all fall within the spectral region of solar radiation.

Radiation penetration theory and a test case. Oker-Blom P Penumbral effects of within-plant and between-plant shading on radiation distribution and leaf photosynthesis: A Monte Carlo simulation. Oker-Blom P a The influence of penumbra on the distribution of direct solar radiation in a canopy of Scots pine. Oker-Blom P b Photosynthesis of a Scots pine shoot: simulation of the irradiance distribution and photosynthesis of a shoot in different radiation fields.

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For Sci — Google Scholar. Prioul JL, Chartier P Partitioning of transfer and carboxylation components of intracellular resistance to photosynthetic C02 fixation: A critical analysis of the methods used. Ann Bot — Google Scholar.

The radiation regime and architecture of plant stands

Ross J Radiative transfer in plant communities. In: Monteith JL ed Vegetation and the atmosphere. Ross J The radiation regime and architecture of plant stands. Ross J, Nilson T A mathematical model of the radiation regime of vegetation. In: Pyldmaa VK ed Actinometry and atmospheric optics. J Appl. Smolander H, Lappi J Integration of a nonlinear function in a changing environment: estimating photosynthesis using mean and variance of radiation. Terashima I, Saeki T A new model for leaf photosynthesis incorporating the gradients of light environment and of photosynthetic properties of chloroplasts within a leaf.

Thornley JHM Mathematical models in plant physiology.

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In atmospheric physics these types of radiation are known as short-wave radiation SWR as distinguished from long-wave or irifrared radiation L WR emitted by the atmosphere and the earth's surface. Other books in this series. Quantitative approaches to phytogeography Pier Luigi Nimis. Add to basket. Physiological ecology of plants of the wet tropics Ernesto Medina.

Leaf area and solar radiation interception by orange tree top

Prospects for Saline Agriculture R. Selected climatic data for a global set of standard stations for vegetation science M. Being alive on land N. Components of productivity of Mediterranean-climate regions Basic and applied aspects N.

radiation regime and architecture of plant stands [1981]

Biodiversity in ecosystems: principles and case studies of different complexity levels Anselm Kratochwil. Stratification of tropical forests as seen in leaf structure Ingrid Roth. Plant-animal interactions in Mediterranean-type ecosystems Margarita Arianoutsou-Faraggitaki.

Sabkha Ecosystems M. Plant demography in vegetation succession Krystyna Falinska. Stratification of a tropical forest as seen in dispersal types Ingrid Roth. Economics of ecosystems management David O. Halophytes as a resource for livestock and for rehabilitation of degraded lands Victor Squires.