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Einspruch E. Dean A. Field A. Antonius R. Kish L. Reimann C. Ott R. Huck S. Gravetter F.

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Kelly W. Course Unit Title. Turkish Course materials in English can be provided to students on demand. The aim of the lecture is to discuss different experimental design models by statistically interpreting based on variance analysis and the method of least squares. In the scope of the lecture, basic concepts of experimental design, determining the number of repeats, analysis of standard experimental designs, experimental designs with one or multiple factors, Latin square experimental design, orthogonal experimental designs and their analysis will be discussed.

Introduction, What is Experimental Design? To have the ability to present the results of scientific studies as written and oral in a scientific paper and report format. To have the ability of objective analysis and interpretation of experimental data and project outputs in a scientific basis. To gain the ability of examination of engineering problems by analyzing in detail, finalization by creating a solution, and application of systematic research methodology. To be specialized to have knowledge and skill in advanced level in a particular area of Textile Engineering.

Reliable assessment of the effects of treatment on mortality and major morbidity, II: observational studies. Phillips, A. Simera, I. Stukel, T.

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Bayesian Inference in Statistical Analysis - George E. P. Box, George C. Tiao - Google книги

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