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When we first sat down to write Simply JavaScript , Cameron and I had to decide how complicated we wanted to make things.

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The code is sitting in the middle of the HTML content, and will have to be repeated for every link of this type on the page. Additionally, the URL of the link is repeated in the JavaScript code, which runs the risk of the two getting out of sync.

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The code snippet we saw above would have been considered cutting-edge sometime around This function can be shared between all the external links, because it uses this. Many JavaScript books released in the past few years are content with the improvements that we made in this version of the script.

The code is tidy enough, and it behaves as advertised. What more could a beginner ask for? The problem with this thinking is that beginners who learn from examples like these go out into the wilds of the Web and find examples written using much more advanced JavaScript coding structures, and feel lost.

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    All the confusing points about JavaScript objects revealed so you can stop hating them as much

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    Learn and Understand Recursion in JavaScript

    This plugin is used to obfuscate your code and minify the generated bundle. It does so by changing the name of the variables to shorter ones and removing white spaces from your code. In the code above we declared uglifyJSPlugin object which is used to define settings for our plugin.

    We set beautify: false so that the code of our generated bundle is not formatted, which makes it harder to read for malicious users. Note: for the above code to work you will need to install the Babel loader, presets and Uglify plugin separately in your project using npm.

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    However, here a few more reasons why Webpack is such a great tool:. In this short post we discussed the main responsibilities and features of Webpack. We learned the basic of loaders and plugins in Webpack and their differences. We also discussed why Webpack is such a great tool for web development. Webpack explained simply — plugins, loaders and Babel Published by Iskander on June 22, What is webpack? Let take a look at a quick example to get a better understanding: Image you have a project with two files greet.

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