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Hecht , Hiroyasu Hasumi. This monograph is the first to survey progress in realistic simulation in a strongly eddying regime made possible by recent increases in computational capability. Its contributors comprise the leading researchers in this important and constantly evolving field.

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EddyResolving Modeling of Overflows. The vertical velocity field Next we focus on the processes responsible for the complex dynamics in the anticyclonic eddy, using the observations and the SP experiment. Figure 4.

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Figure 5. Modeling: Eddy transport Under the assumption that a model capable of reproducing variance and mean of horizontal velocity divergence, strain and vorticity is also providing a reliable representation of the vertical velocity field, we evaluate how the representation of vertical transport in the anticyclone varies with resolution by releasing neutrally-buoyant Lagrangian tracers freely to move in all three directions in each simulation at the time shown in Fig.

Figure 6. Figure 7. Figure 8.

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Discussion Eddies are key to the three-dimensional transport of physical and biological tracers in the ocean. Angle In evaluating the instabilities responsible for submesoscale circulations in the eddy we followed the work by Thomas et al. Estimating frequency spectra of vertical velocity The modeled vertical velocity fields were saved every hour over a day period. Additional Information How to cite this article: Zhong, Y.

Supplementary Material Supplementary Figures: Click here to view. Acknowledgments We sincerely thank Dr. Footnotes The authors declare no competing financial interests. References Jenkins W.

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Nitrate flux into the euphotic zone near Bermuda. Nature , — The role of mesoscale variability on plankton dynamics in the North Atlantic. Deep Sea Res. Part II Top. Phytoplankton patchiness: the role of lateral stirring and mixing. Evidence for slow mixing across the pycnocline from an open-ocean tracer-release experiment. Transport by coherent barotropic vortices. Fluid Mech.

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Regional variations in the influence of mesoscale eddies on near-surface chlorophyll. Role of eddy pumping in enhancing primary production in the ocean. Nature , 55—58 Influence of mesoscale eddies on new production in the Sargasso Sea. Coupled physical and biological modelling of the spring bloom in the North Atlantic II : three dimensional bloom and post-bloom processes. Part I Oceanogr. Biological response to frontal dynamics and mesoscale variability in oligotrophic environments: Biological production and community structure.

Impact of sub-mesoscale physics on production and subduction of phytoplankton in an oligotrophic regime. Eddy-driven sources and sinks of nutrients in the upper ocean: Results from a 0.

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  5. Global Biogeochem. Cycles 17 , 4—1—4—20 New production and photosynthetic rates within and outside a cyclonic mesoscale eddy in the North Pacific subtropical gyre.


    Patchy productivity in the open ocean. Cycles 16 , 9—1—9—9 The oceanic vertical pump induced by mesoscale and submesoscale turbulence. Submesoscale impacts on horizontal and vertical transport in the Gulf of Mexico. Bringing physics to life at the submesoscale.

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    Modeling the impact of fronts and mesoscale circulation on the nutrient supply and biogeochemistry of the upper ocean. Oceanic Restratification Forced by Surface Frontogenesis. Part II: Frontal Processes. Dynamics of wind-forced coherent anticyclones in the open ocean. Intense submesoscale upwelling in anticyclonic eddies.

    Mechanisms for vertical nutrient transport within a North Atlantic mesoscale eddy. Glider and satellite high resolution monitoring of a mesoscale eddy in the algerian basin: Effects on the mixed layer depth and biochemistry. Oceanic mass transport by mesoscale eddies. Science , — Mesoscale eddies in the South China Sea: Mean properties, spatiotemporal variability, and impact on thermohaline structure. Enhanced vertical mixing within mesoscale eddies due to high frequency winds in the South China Sea.

    Ocean Model. Three-dimensional properties of mesoscale eddies in the South China Sea based on eddy-resolving model output. A mesoscale eddy pair southwest of Taiwan and its influence on deep circulation. Seasonality of the submesoscale dynamics in the Gulf Stream region. Ocean Dyn. The seasonal cycle of submesoscale flows. The role of potential vorticity in symmetric stability and instability. Symmetric instability in the Gulf Stream.

    Ageostrophic, anticyclonic instability of a geostrophic, barotropic boundary current. Fluids 16 , — Baroclinic Instability and Loss of Balance. Reduction of the usable wind-work on the general circulation by forced symmetric instability. On the effects of frontogenetic strain on symmetric instability and inertia—gravity waves.

    A near-inertial mode observed within a Gulf Stream warm-core ring. Monsoon-forced chlorophyll distribution and primary production in the South China Sea: observations and a numerical study. Diffusion by Continuous Movements. London Math. Single-particle, particle-pair, and multiparticle dispersion of fluid particles in forced stably stratified turbulence. Fluids 20 , — Apparent enhancement of Th-based particle export associated with anticyclonic eddies.

    Earth Planet. Physical vs. Pattern formation at the ocean surface: Sargassum distribution and the role of the eddy field.

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    Volume 11, issue 11 Geosci. Model Dev. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. Search articles Author Title Abstract Full text. Special issue. The Firedrake automatic code generation system.

    Short summary. Unstructured meshes are attractive for coastal ocean modeling, as they allow more accurate representation of complex coastal topography. Unstructured mesh models are, however, often perceived as slow and inaccurate. We present a novel discontinuous Galerkin ocean model: Thetis. We demonstrate that the model is able to simulate baroclinic ocean flows with high accuracy on a triangular prismatic mesh.

    This work paves the way for highly accurate and efficient three-dimensional coastal ocean models. Unstructured meshes are attractive for coastal ocean modeling, as they allow more accurate Read more.