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  • In Search of the Trojan War : by Michael Wood (Facts On File: $22.95; 272 pp., illustrated);

The show uses smart scripts, vivid visuals, and historic locations to offer a deep history of the British Isles, from ancient times to today. Guiding us every step of the way, Schama presents the drama of history with infectious enthusiasm.

A Different Horse: Alternate Interpretations of the Trojan War

Divided by eras into three sets, the series features gorgeous filming locations, tasteful music and exquisite writing. Info: 15 episodes, 59 minutes. We sift through all the news to give you a concise, informative look at the top headlines and must-read stories every weekday.

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In Search of the Trojan War: Greek Art and Archaeology

Typical episode length : 56 minutes Number of episodes to date : 8 Brief plot description : During a diplomatic visit, the Trojan Prince Alexander and Spartan Queen Helen fall in love and abscond to Troy. Like Schliemann, he gets more speculative and dogmatic as the data become sparser.

In a wonderful coda, Wood draws together all the strands of stratigraphy, pottery, poetry, linguistics, legends, topography, etc. Yes, for him there really was a Trojan War, possibly involving a king called Agamemnon from Mycenae and even a woman called Helen.

Wood does not insist on the historiche is as romantic and as plausible as Schliemann and Blegen ever were. Achilles sacrificed 12 noble Trojan captives over the funeral pyre of his friend Patroclus, not of Hector.

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  6. We are never told anything about Thera, whose wall-paintings appear in the illustrations. Many of the colored photographs are too blue and out of focus.

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    But these are the quibbles of a scholar who greatly enjoyed this book and who eagerly recommends it to all who are intrigued by the tales of Troy and the romance of archeology. About Us.

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