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Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular. Charlotte Ladram is a likeable spinster whose world has always been safe and protected. Soon she finds herself untangling a literary mystery which some want exposed and some desperate Another excellent page-turner from Robert Goddard!

Soon she finds herself untangling a literary mystery which some want exposed and some desperately want to keep secret. The progression of the plot from literary mystery to action adventure actually mimics the progression of the two main characters, quiet-living people who are observers of life rather than participants; yet, through being forced to deal with the crises precipitated by their more venturesome family members, they find themselves forced to act in ways they never would have anticipated and in doing so, find happiness in their own lives.

His stories twist and turn in all directions, yet the writing is always so clear and well-constructed that there is never any danger of losing the thread. The descriptions of the various settings are vivid, whether in the English or Welsh countryside, the urban jungle of Manhattan or an isolated part of Spain. Well worth a read!


This novel was written in the s and I did enjoy the slightly old fashioned feel to the book. The main characters, a group of everyday people thrown together by murderous circumstance had no opportunity to Google or use their mobile phones but they managed to work together to try and solve the crime. The characters were well written and the writing style readable. I would have given the book four stars but the book just felt too long.

The plot was convoluted and twisting and it just all felt a This novel was written in the s and I did enjoy the slightly old fashioned feel to the book. The plot was convoluted and twisting and it just all felt a little improbable. However I did enjoy the book and would like to try another Robert Goddard novel. I read this when it first came out and really enjoyed it. Wanted to re-read it as an example of an 'hourglass' plot. And 25 years had passed and I couldn't remember a thing about the story except the opening section and that it was related to the Spanish Civil War.

This is one of Goddard's better books. It is densely plotted and maintains the suspense throughout. One thought is that it was written in and has dated. The characters nip across to France by hovercraft. Mobile phones would have m I read this when it first came out and really enjoyed it. Mobile phones would have made their lives a lot easier. But it's a great read throughout. Aug 20, John Devlin rated it liked it. A rather different mystery work. No author trying to set up sequels. No great moments of drama and courage. A rather small story that starts out rather vanilla but has enough rocky road and English charm to keep the reader hooked.

Nothing to complain about here. Jan 17, C. Hill rated it really liked it Shelves: murder-mystery , suspense. A well-written novel spanning a year-old intrigue, and also manages the requisite modern-day romance quite well which is on a very slow burn for most of the novel and doesn't detract from the story arc.

Aug 26, Fiona Keates rated it liked it. Very weak ending and should have finished after book one. The plot then took a not quite believable turn and ended very weakly. Not his best work or have I read too many and become overly critical and expectant??! By about a third of the way in I reckoned the story was about to conclude Masterful plotting that just keeps adding twist after twist. Only reservation would be the sometime Mills and Boonish quality of the romance elements. Dec 02, Sandi rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-mystery-thriller-suspense , ebooks , read Another well written though deliberately paced story from one of my favorite authors.

There was quite a lot going on this book including literary fame, The Spanish Civil War, family relationships, and even a bit of romance but it was all handled very deftly and the ending was quite suspenseful. I only have one problem with Robert Goddard's books I have to finish them. Sometimes that means not getting a good night sleep As always, you have no idea where the story goes to, so it's full of surprises and I loved it very much. Hand in glove As always another exciting page turner of a book. Unput- downable. Brilliant story, plenty of research must have gone into it.

All praise to Robert Goddard. May he write many more. Jan 25, Bonnie rated it it was amazing.

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Love it. Just discovered this author , and I must read more of them. I read it twice. First time was a year ago and I had forgotten the ending and much else. Enjoyed the suspense and the characters descriptions. Excellent Excellent book to enjoy reading in a winter afternoon.

A novel with a little bit of intrigue, crime and history. Well that was dire. Very slow in the beginning, but then it really picked up! Jan 16, D. I was quite disappointed with this novel from Robert Goddard, considering what he has proven himself capable of Past Caring, anybody? Apart from the story-setting murder in the first couple of pages, the pace of this book would have been enough to frustrate even the slowest snail, and a host of indifferent characters populate the story.

It seems more time is spent agonising over what action each character should take next than on actually moving the narrative forward. Add to this a convoluted plot that only indirectly and marginally has anything to do with anybody in the tale, and you have all you need to know about 'Hand in Glove'. I did like the final-page twist, though it wasn't nearly enough to salvage what went before.

Hand in Glove by Robert Goddard

I'm reading Goddard's books in the order of their release, with the exception of the final two Harry Barnett books, and I fear I see in this book the beginning of the end of what made Goddard so great. A riveting, relevant, meaningful mystery. You don't need people dropping dead in almost every chapter as I know his later books lean towards, but the almost total lack of set pieces in this book may have prompted him to go too far in the other direction. I'm not even going to remember what this one was about. Oct 21, Michael Parker rated it liked it.

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Robert Goddard is certainly a fine writer, and I found this novel well written with good characterization and plenty to get your teeth into. The plot moves at a sedate pace, more reminiscent of Agatha Christie type mysteries and keeps you thinking and guessing throughout. I have not given more than three stars because the story does tend to get a little bogged down at times, but this shows how impatient I can be when it comes to working my way through a crime novel.

The action, if you can really Robert Goddard is certainly a fine writer, and I found this novel well written with good characterization and plenty to get your teeth into. Very nice, very nice — but maybe in the next world. Two people with icy-cold hands put their philosophical dread aside to share a moment of solace.

And on acoustic guitar, Marr makes it sound easy — except entire careers have been spent trying and failing to duplicate what he does here with just a few strums. A whirlwind tour of sex, lies, booze, obsession, mass murder, bicycle-related testicular injury and massive guitar chimes. Mark Ronson revamped it into a huge U. Romance, Smiths-style: A lifetime of passing that boy on the streets of your rainy town, not making eye contact, pretending it never happened, maybe even nodding to his wife, cursing yourself for getting fooled again.

This all happens in goddamn seconds. A moment of bonding between two misfit friends who spend a dreaded sunny day sneaking off to the graveyard so they can quote Keats and Yeats and Wilde to each other, just because nobody else can stand them. With the guitar goading him on, Morrissey weeps at the tombstones, makes terrible puns and gives a solemn lecture against plagiarism, while plagiarizing everything from Richard III to The Man Who Came to Dinner.

For a few minutes, these two dizzy whores are the happiest, luckiest pair of friends in the world. Great cover art, clever song titles, but can the music live up to it? That cracked voice shivers out of the speakers, vowing to tell his tale.

The slow-burn guitar builds. That tale gets told. They wrote it in a cockroach-infested New York hotel, while Andy Rourke was bedridden with chicken pox. Their most flamboyant rock epic, six minutes of Marr going mad on wah-wah, finally indulging his taste for brazen guitar aggression, while Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce raise an unholy ruckus. Threatening to string up the Queen is still technically illegal, right?

Drop me anywhere! The last thing anybody expected from the Smiths — a heavy rock groove, concocted by Marr in a fit of studio inspiration, under the spell of his newfound love of hip-hop.

And his not-so-newfound love of smoking herb.