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The statues, sure. They are gone. The floor suffered from the ravages of time and the great oculus. It lets in air and light, and also rain. What has all this to do with the. Or anything firearms-related for that matter? Words mean things, and they have history. Have you ever heard someone besides me use the phrase the whole pantheon? Again, it is derived from Greek and Latin. In the shooting world, we have a whole panoply of cartridges. You can get a bullet board or cartridge board of all the calibers a maker offers. That is a panoply. It is the whole pantheon. Also, some things, once made, are difficult to improve upon, even over large expanses of time.

Can you really improve on the. Before you answer that, consider what it is and what function it serves. And then, calculate carefully the cost of any improvement. Changes, if any, have come slowly, because the original design is so perfect, so exacting, so suited to the use for which it was intended, that it is hard to make improvements that are actual upgrades.

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Details that proved troublesome over time and had to be corrected, you bet. But has there been an overhaul of the basic design? What obscures all that is the sheer ubiquity of the. Submachine guns are famous for being chambered in. Like central heating, the. You will be able to go toe-to-toe with the. So, pour a cold, frosty root beer, settle in and get to work.

To understand the context of the. Let us hark back to the nostalgic days of the year no penicillin, no central heating, and no paved roads to speak of except in the biggest cities and then most likely they were brick or cut stone , no radio, television, and no aircraft. By medical advances had progressed to the point where hospitals were actually places where one could expect to recover rather than simply a place to go die.

In the s, George Eastman had begun selling cameras with roll film so glass plate technology was on the outs but still going strong. In the first Brownie camera appeared and sold for the affordable sum of one dollar. Film roll size was manufactured for that Brownie until The Army wanted a hammer they could see.

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Movies were black-and-white, silent and not very common. Sigmund Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams , setting us on a century-long course of faddist psychology that lurched from one extreme to another, eventually producing whole battalions of self-help gurus to fleece the unwary. In , Queen Victoria still sat on the throne of Britain. William II of Germany, the Czar of Russia or, more exactly, Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russians , the emperors of China and Japan and a whole slew of kings, dukes and random assorted nobles sat on various thrones in charge of pretty much the majority of the people on earth at the time.

The Boxer Rebellion in China marked the high point of imperialist power in Asia, and from there it was all downhill. The world population estimated, as there were still places no one who spoke a civilized language had gotten to was 1. Smokeless powder had been in common use for less than a generation. The Winchester Model , in.

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It upped the same round-nose lead bullet from to grains and its velocity from to fps. Automobiles were toys. They were ferociously expensive, not reliable and offered few advantages over horses. Nor were they easy to operate. The prototype that the Army gave the nod to, and which went on to become the we all know. Notice the lack of a thumb safety, a later addition requested by the Army. In , a hurricane slammed through Galveston, Texas, leaving as many as 8, people dead.

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The Fauvist painting movement was begun by Henri Matisse. The Eiffel Tower was still brand-new, having been built in , the same year Vincent Van Gogh committed suicide. Steamers were unloading thousands of immigrants a week at Ellis Island, opened in Having handed the Russians and the Chinese their heads in the war, the Japanese were aggressively building their fleet and Army, and doing their best to industrialize an island that had little coal or steel, no oil and no existing industrial base at the time.

It would take nearly half a century more before that chapter of their history was fully played out. The Radom P They did, however, crib many ideas from Browning pistols.

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In , the last black member of the House of Representatives had lost his bid for re-election. George H. White served to the end of the 56th Congress, March of There was not another African-American in the building except as a waiter until Oscar De-Priest began serving in the 71st Congress in They were both Republicans, by the way. The U.

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Army was exasperated following their brief experiment with the. Having defeated the Spanish in , the United States found that the occupants of their new possession wanted not just new landlords, but freedom. The Cubans acquiesced rather quickly to the new guys in charge, but not the Filipinos. The Philippine Insurrection was still going on in , and still seemed hot to those involved.

My grandfather was there, in the U. Army Medical Corp called the Sanitation Corps back then dealing with the effects of tropical diseases on his charges and no doubt the occasional combat wound.

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  • The Moros, as legend has it, were able to soak up repeated hits from the new. Army Krag rifles, and kept on coming. Ah, for the good old days when at least officers could improve upon the inadequate tools issued them by the Army. The realists in the Army wanted something that could actually get the job done in a pinch, something like the rifles that they had in. The dreamers wanted pistols, and pistols in. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Customer Reviews. Write a review. See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product.

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    Get to Know Us. Customer Service. In The Spotlight. Shop Our Brands. Gun Digest Book of the Tactical Rifle is a fun and fact-filled exploration of high-volume shooting at its finest.

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    Inside, you will find hundreds of photographs with real-world advice on tactical rifles from around the world. Sweeney does the dirty work for you, giving you the scoop on all the drawbacks and positives on each rifle before you buy. This is a great go-to book for shooters, collectors, hobbyists and anyone with an interest in tactical rifles. No other book covers as many different styles of tactical rifles, and is written by a more qualified author.