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Step 1. Slashdot my own site.

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Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 2. Oh, great. The only useful or at least interesting-sounding link here is already slashdotted. Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 3 , Insightful. Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 3 , Interesting. I don't believe that's what he meant. His concern was that he wants his information presented a certian way and to leave it that way preventing others from changing it into something he didn't intend or desire for his content.

Tips & Tools for Remixing the Web with Firefox (Hacks)

Think of it this way. Many musicians don't have a problem when people do remixes of their stuff, some do. Those that do not, don't offer such. Though it's still possible to do so,. Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 5 , Insightful. Your analogy is flawed. Artists have never had a right to prevent you from looking at their work in a certain way. Painters can't stop the colorblind or those wearing sunglasses to look at their paintings. Anyone can skip entire chapters when reading a book. I can play Beethoven and Britney Spears at the same time if I please.

What I do with those works in the privacy of my own home is my business.

What are bookmarklets?

I might just prefer it that way, and there's nothing you can do about it. Artists do have recourse against people redistributing altered "raped" works, but that is also limited. In the case of greasemonkey, it's just a tool you use to view the web; other people might use other tools, like lynx for example, which renders a page completely differently from firefox or internet explorer.

It's personal use.

Mark Pilgrim

So lay off of it. And it's not how it's supposed to work. You can suggest, tell the visitor 'look, this is supposed to look like that', but ultimately the choice is the user's, yes it is the user's choice.. Wouldn't that in fact lend itself to customization? When you go to an art museum to you rearrange how the art is displayed? The point of a website can be different for its producer than for its consumer. The producer's point could be to express themself, which requires consumption in exactly the style they publish. The consumer's point could be to get the factual information, regardless of its presentation style, or even for restyled representation.

The fact that most web content is inseparable from its presentation style means that you, the graphic designer, are necessary for both points, even if the consumer doesn't share the. Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 3 , Informative. Did you check out his site? He even provides an XML feed for you to format to your hearts content. A person or company has the right to display thier content however they please But they're not displaying their content. Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 4 , Insightful.

Your serving the webpage to me. As long as you do it in a standards compliant way, then isn't it a bit presumptious to decide how I decide to digest the information. If I want to use Lynx to view your page, I will, if I want to apply my own java transforms on it I will. Hell, if I want to print it out and use it as toilet paper, I will. You seem to have the wrong way of thinking about this web lark.

Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 3 , Funny. Crap Score: 5 , Funny. Now that you've said this, everyone is going to use my site as TP.

Greasemonkey Hacks: Tips & Tools for Remixing the Web with Firefox

Thanks, buddy. Talk about taking the web back. Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 2 , Insightful. I'll get modded into oblivion, but screw it. This doesn't make any sense. How is the user capable, or how has the user been capable to display information on the Web not the internet, just a part with a web browser. Remember, this like this never happened before this FF extension, so where do you come off saying that? People write web pages, the browser displays them. Similar to the television, yet far more versatile, it simply displays a site how the designer attended.

How has this been difficult to unde. Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 5 , Interesting. You could write bookmarklets, or user CSS files. Hell, you could disable CSS or Javascript, you could use a browser that displays things a certain way. You could write your own browser. You could use man-in-the-middle programs to rewrite code before it reaches the browser.

The web is about information. The presentation of that information is ultimately up to the user. Having said all that, I should point out that I am somewhat uncomfortable with the blind adoption Greasemonkey is seeing. A lot of web sites use Javascript that makes assumptions about the structure of the page. By changing the structure of the page, you're going to potentially break pages that dynamically change themselves. But script developers are going to see this, realise that their script doesn't work and either 1 fix it, or 2 abandon the idea.

If the problems are more subtle, then the user's going to know they installed a script that's changing the page, and are going to try disabling it first to see if that fixes the problem This is a power user feature, not something your average newbie is. It's not something everyone has to get all up in arms about. It's a presentation of information. If you don't like it, go somewhere else! If he chooses to display it and prevent this extension from running on his site, so be it! He's well within his rights to do such.

Of course he's within his rights. The real question is what's the benefit to him? People using greasemonkey tend to be people who know what they're doing, so if they break something on a site they'll likely be able to fix it. But just like the article, there seems to be this paranoia that greasmonkey will run rampant and ruin everyone's browsing experience.

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When I go to the poster's website, you know what I see? Overlapping content because I don't run a x window. I could fix it with greasemonkey, but that would be 'breaking' the designer's intentions. Of course my sites may end up looking up broken and discombobulated, but why should that matter to me? Anyone doing that should know why things are broken, and if not than it's not really worth my time to worry about it. I'd rather have a few idiots think I'm a shitty designer than have my fellow web hackers think I'm a control freak. For starters, most of them are stuck in a brain-dammaged esque mindset wherein they pretend they're still working with an ink-on-paper medium.

I've given up entirely on the idea of allowing websites to choose their own colors, and I've half a mind to take away their ability to choose their own layouts too, because most webmasters can't design a layout that works at different resolutions and with different text sizes if their lives depend on it. No, people who use page modifying settings are not mostly people who know what they're doing.

For example, there are readymade user-stylesheets for blocking ads. People want to block ads, but they can't be bothered to learn how to do it so that they know how to fix problems which are a result of ad-blocking. I'm sorry, but where's the evidence? I know tons of people who switched to Firefox, but not a single layperson installing extensions or user stylesheets.

I've fielded hundreds if not thousands of com. Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 5 , Informative. It's not your information. It doesn't belong to anyone. Those that chose to display information a certain way are in their right to do such and lame excuses to justify the bastardization of their attempts to come off a certain way are the rant of the uninformed zealot with a "screw you all" mentality. I suppose from the above statements that you're opposed to the level of control most browsers ALREADY give over the display of content? I can choose to force links to be displayed with underlines.

Additionally, if I set up proxies, I can force all my connections to go through privoxy, blocking ads and the like. I can also choose to not install flash, making websites that use it extensively stand out pretty sorely. All of these settings can be viewed as a bastardization of designers' attempts to display information in a certain way. And most of these settings have been around since the early 1. GreaseMonkey appears to be the logical extension of these settings to the CSS world. All the HTML markup in the world serves a single purposeto suggest how a browser should display something to approximate what the originator had in mind.

Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 4 , Interesting. If you. NOT a derived art Score: 5 , Insightful. I've got both McFarlane books, but leveraging Firefox as a cross-platform fat-client platform still seems quite tricky. Tell me, do you have Designed for IE6 in the corner of your site as well? What do you mean? Score: 3 , Insightful. Just publish your site as a collection of image files. That'll teach them young whipper-snappers! I want them to see it the way it was meant to be seen If you want to display my content with your own formatting, use my RSS feed.

That's why GreaseMonkey exists. It allows firefox to do the work your eyes and hands must otherwise do - it gets you the information you're after, not what the designer fancies. I actually like your site design, and I think it is great you are releasing your work under the GPL and your content under a CC license. Re:Disable Greasemonkey Score: 2 , Informative. I actually like your site design, and I think it is great you are releasing your work under the GPL and your content under a CC license Thank you! Everyone is free to modify it. Everyone is free to use the code that generated the website well soon enough, it's just about ready to be released and everyone can use my RSS to reformat my site and syndicat.

But your site looks bad on my browser, it is making assumptions about my screen that are incorrect. Why would you want to prevent me from fixing that? Your content is not displayed on your site, it is displayed on my computer, and you don't know my local parameters. What is there to gain, for anyone, by not allowing me to adjust for a mismatch there? I must agree I've got x resolution right now, which is normally ridiculous for me - I prefer something like x - but with my current video card and monitor, that's the only non-weird setting I can use.

Subsequently, the site looks very odd and appears to have rendering problems missing navigation links, etc. I can sympathize totally with the desire for the site to look the way you designed it I've spent hours and hours and hours doing this on the sites I work on, trying to make sure th. Score: 3 , Interesting. This is the problem with jscript DHTML menus, they're no good if you intend compatibility with accessibility standards or text browsing. This seems to be another step in the battle that's as old as the web, over who gets final say as to how a web page is presented.

I feel the Firefox user should, and generally is going to have the edge, what with the uriid extension to apply site-specific CSS, greasemonkey, and other tools. But page producers always have wanted to dictate exactly how their pages appear to the user, however misguided that is, and I doubt the battle will ever be over.

Google Cache Score: 2.

Google cache of guide to disable Greasemonkey [ Cheers mate! In that case, could you fix the fact that your links column is completely over-writing the little box about the RSS feed on Firefox unless I make my browser window huge? Which is it? You write websites to present ideas or eyecandy?

Unless you've ebayed your low UID from a true old timer, you should've been around long enough to know that the idea of imposing a set format for your website goes against what the web was originally made for. People have a funny way of taking what you meant and twist. All you'll succeed in doing is starting an arms race that you are destined to lose. Sooner or later you'll have to accept that a user's client is a user's client and as such is subject to the user's wishes. You can maintain the integrity of your server and it's content. You have no right to usurp in any way a user's control of his machine.

That's a pretty weird look on thngs. I've been using RIP [mozdev. The Greasemonkey hack called Omnifeedster will display the incoming links to any Web page on that page. The RIAA Radar agent, whose code is less than one page long, will look up the sponsoring record label behind any album sold online and provide data on whether it supports the efforts of the Recording Industry Association of America RIAA , which has notoriously filed lawsuits against people who have traded copyrighted songs online.

The script will detect when a user is looking to buy a record, and then automatically show an icon next to the record image to illustrate whether it is pro RIAA or an independent label. And that is scripts to block ads online and fix broken Web sites. But sometimes, there will be break-out prototypes like Book Burro and CustomizeGoogle.

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Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The autogenerated Greasemonkey script calls Platypus API functions to replay the modifications every time you visit the page. This means that these Greasemonkey scripts will work only as long as you have Platypus installed. Previous page. Table of content. Next page. Authors: Mark Pilgrim. JavaScript: The Good Parts. Beginning Cryptography with Java. Postfix: The Definitive Guide.

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