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Though there were no ongoing planetary occupations, to watch for possible uprisings massive battle stations known as Star Fortresses were deployed in orbits of dozens key worlds such as Alderaan , Balmorra , Bothawui and Voss. Thousands of ordinary citizens were forced to either live in exile in the Endless Swamp , or flee their home world and blend into galactic underground in an attempt to evade Arcann's forces. Chancellor Saresh had reached the end of her second term and failed to pass a notion to extend it indefinitely, though she still remained in power and controlled the Republic through a carefully chosen puppet Chancellor by the name of Jebevel Madon.

The Sith Empire was ruled by Darth Acina , who proclaimed herself the new Empress of the Sith after remaining as the only Dark Council member alive and not in hiding. Beniko mounted a rescue mission on the carbonite prison in the Spire of Zakuul with her astromech droid T7-O1 , bodyguard droid HK and Koth Vortena , an exiled Zakuulan naval officer.

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Vortena and HK waited in the escape shuttle while Beniko and T7-O1 infiltrated the prison, where Lana located and unfroze the Outlander. They were attacked by sky trooper guards and Beniko proceeded to escort the Outlander to the extraction point, while here pursued by High Justice Vaylin, Arcann's sister and extremely powerful Force user. Vaylin destabilized a Sun Generator , which threatened to overload and explode, while Vortena's shuttle was shot down and crashed on a shuttle pad, where Vortena and HK were cornered by security forces.

They eliminated their attackers and stole another shuttle, rushing to pick up Beniko and the Outlander, who were cornered by Vailyn. Vortena's shuttle arrived just in time and open fire on the High Justice, who shielded herself with a piece of debris, before throwing it at the shuttle, dealing it serious damage.

Vortena managed to keep the shuttle in the air long enough for the Outlander and Beniko to get aboard, after which they fled the city. While Beniko and Vortena hid the evidence of their landing, the Outlander and HK discovered a large technological object, which Vortena quickly identified as the Gravestone , the legendary warship that single handedly stood up to the Eternal Fleet.

The team got working on repairing the Gravestone , restoring major systems to working conditions, while Beniko sent a message to the former Knight of Zakuul Senya Tirall , asking her to join them and provide backup. The group prepared to leave Zakuul, but as the ship left the atmosphere, the Eternal Fleet appeared to intercept them.

The Outlander fired the Gravestone ' s omnicannon , destroying more than two dozen Eternal Fleet warships in a single shot, and enabling the Gravestone to jump into safety of hyperspace , where the group decided to head towards Asylum , a shadowport and safe haven for those who fled Arcann's oppressive rule. The Gravestone docked at Asylum, where the small team was joined by Koth Vortena's crewmembers, including his first mate Len Parvek , former Republic Sergeant Ralo and engineer Tora , who went to repair the Gravestone battle damage. Lana Beniko began sending messages to her network of contacts, while Senya Tirall introduced the Outlander to the Scions of Zakuul led by Heskal , who wanted to determine whether they would join the Outlander's rebellion against Arcann.

Senya joined the Outlander in the Scions' trials, in which the Outlander emerged victorious. Arcann arrived to Asylum before his Eternal Fleet did and personally executed the Scions in their hideout, impaling Heskal on his lightsaber just as the Outlander arrived to meet with him, and a fight between the two ensued. The Eternal Fleet emerged from hyperspace and opened fire on the shadowport, and the Gravestone turbolaser cannons shot down several Zakuulan shuttles, one of which crashed into the Scions' hideout, interrupting Arcann's duel with the Outlander.

Zakuulan forced took over the Control Spar , taking control of the docking clamps and keeping the Gravestone grounded. The ship was attacked by a group of Knights led by Vaylin herself, who was about to engage the Outlander when her mother Senya Tirall rushed to aid them, tossing the Outlander away and engaging her daughter, while the Outlander and Lana went to free the ship.

Beniko volunteered to hold a choke point so that Vortena and the Outlander could reach the Control Spar, where reunited with HK, and Vortena and the droid stayed behind to hold off a battalion of Zakuul Knights. The Outlander proceeded to the Control Spar alone and released the docking clamps keeping the Gravestone in place, but was once again ambushed by Arcann. HK arrived just in time to assist the Outlander, sacrificing himself to shield his master from Arcann's Force blast.

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During the fight Arcann was knocked off the Control Spar to the levels down below, and the injured Outlander returned to the Gravestone , where Senya disarmed Vaylin and had her daughter at her mercy, but could not bring herself to land a killing blow. Everyone boarded the Gravestone and Vortena piloted the ship towards the Eternal Fleet blockade, destroying one warship with the turbolasers before jumping into hyperspace.

The Battle of Asylum served as a rallying cry for those who wished to oppose Arcann, and Beniko called her multiple contacts from the Sith Empire, the Republic and the criminal underworld to gather on the planet Odessen , a remote and unsettled world in the Wild Space. There she laid foundation of an Alliance against the Eternal Empire and the Outlander became the Alliance Commander, establishing the Alliance base on Odessen.

One such resistance cell on Bothawui was making significant progress, prompting the Eternal Empire to demonstrate their power by firing a powerful laser from the orbiting Star Fortress, wiping out the entire cell. In response, the Alliance Commander worked with Theron Shan and Miot Dengd to infiltrate one of these Star Fortresses to identify a method of destroying them. Learning valuable information about the inner-workings of the Star Fortress, the Alliance made contact with resistance fighters on Alderaan , Belsavis , Hoth , Nar Shaddaa , Tatooine and Voss to destroy shield bunkers that protected the battle stations.

Investigating potential allies, Theron Shan suggested that the Alliance should recruit "Firebrand", an anarchist who independently operated on Zakuul for over two years, and accompanied the Commander to a meeting arranged for them by SCORPIO. In the Spire of Zakuul, they found the "Firebrand", who introduced herself as Kaliyo Djannis and agreed to consider the Commander's proposal in exchange for assistance with her current operation. Together, the Commander and Kaliyo rigged ion grenades into Power Junctions throughout the Old World and Breaktown to disable security measures of the Overwatch , from which the Commander could obtain the complete schematics of the Spire.

Detonating three junctions at once, they knocked down the Overwatch security and stormed the facility, eventually reaching the control room where Kaliyo planted her explosives at the droid controls, while the Commander downloaded the Spire's schematics. Overwatch Administrator Tayvor Slen arrived with the skytroopers and attempted to stop them, but was defeated and mortally wounded during the fight. Kaliyo destroyed the droid controls, which shut down the droids throughout the Spire, after which she escaped the Spire with the Commander and traveled to Odessen, where she decided to stay with the Alliance.

At the same time, the Eternal Empire continued their search for the Outlander and the Gravestone , which continuously cae up empty. Growing frustrated with the lack of progress, Arcann ordered Vaylin to have the Eternal Fleet bombard one inhabitedplanet in five different sectors into dust, intending to lure the Outlander out of hiding. Theron asked the Commander to assist Havoc in their operation, and the two approached Havoc at the meeting point in the Endless Swamp, where Major Aric Jorgan introduced his squad and explained that they were in the middle of an operation.

Before they could discuss the details, their position was attacked by skytroopers , and Jorgan ordered everyone to split in pairs and regroup at their camp. Jorgan teamed up with the Commander and rescued a group of Zakuulan refugees led by Pashna Veyaad , inviting them to take shelter at their camp. The next morning, Jorgan explained to the Commander and Theron that their mission was to plant a wiretap on a listening post used by the Knights of Zakuul, allowing Havoc Squad to spy on their communications.

The Commander brought Alliance personnel from Odessen to provide a distraction for the attack and proceeded with Havoc towards the main objective. With the rest of the squad providing their cover, Jorgan and the Commander disabled the outpost's security and planted the wiretap, but their presence was discovered and the rest of Havoc Squad fell back to their position, which came under heavy fire. Zakuulan exiles led by Pashna Veyaad came to their aid, taking care of reinforcements and everyone returned to their camp. Their mission successful, Jorgan traveled to the Alliance base on Odessen, where he got acquainted with the Alliance leadership.

The GEMINI frequency originated from the hyperwave relay station hidden ten kilometers beneath the Spire, which transmitted signals to and from the Eternal Throne, presenting the Alliance with a unique opportunity to rid Arcann of his Eternal Fleet. The Alliance planned an attack on the station and send Kaliyo and Havoc Squad to Zakuul to clear a path to the station. To draw Arcann's attention from their objective, the Alliance required a diversion and the Commander had to choose between Kaliyo and Havoc Squad to lead the main attack, while the other party would focus on the diversion.

Before the Commander could depart to lead the mission however, Beniko suggested to contact Valkorion on how to best infiltrate the facility he had build, but unfortunately the Commander decided to do so in a secluded spot in Odessen wilderness, where Valkorion tested them for a prolonged period of time before the Commander could return to the base. Unable to wait for their return, and with the intel turning stale every minute, the Alliance had no choice but to proceed with the mission without the Commander. Having successfully executed the diversion, the support team moved in position to assist the main team, which was only a few levels away from their objective.

However, the infiltration team was cornered by a superior force, before a contact with them was lost and the diversion team attempted a rescue. The Spire then went into full lockdown with no transmissions coming in or out, making any assistance from Odessen impossible. Kaliyo managed to grab a datacore from a security console right outside the relay station, making the mission not a total loss, returning to Odessen along with Jorgan and the bodies of his fallen men.

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While the rest of the Alliance waited for Kaliyo and Jorgan's return from Zakuul, the Commander was approached by Hylo Visz's old associate Gault Rennow with a proposition to raid the Gilded Star , an Eternal Empire treasury ship hiding in the atmosphere of the gas giant Vandin. Arriving on the gas giant, Gault took the Commander to the hiding container of the Anomid identity slicer Dretcher , who agreed to do Gault's job in exchange for getting the Devaronian off his back.

Gault and the Commander then met with the Brekken Gang and its Captain Kenrik Fost , from whom Gault ordered a fully functioning missile. Gault's partner Vette pretended to activate the missile, tricking the Niktos into running away from incoming blast and retrieved the missile warhead. Gault then assembled the team and laid out his plan, assigning everybody their roles. Vette disabled the vault's security mechanism, while the Commander and Gault planted the missile warhead inside the vault, which upon detonation vaporized the vault entire content of precious metals, while leaving everything outside intact.

Gault, Vette and the Commander planned to take the skyhook down to the mining platform, but their path was blocked by the real Vaylin, and Gault decided to go outside on the ship's hull. Hylo Visz piloted a small shuttle next to the Gilded Star , allowing them to jump directly onto it and everyone returned safely to Odessen. Vette and Gault decided to stay and join the Alliance, before their celebration was interrupted by the return of Aric Jorgan and Kaliyo.

Seeing a way for Mandalorian clans to re-arm themselves, Vizla accepted the offer and led a dozen of Mandalorian clans to Darvannis, with Khomo Fett as her right-hand man. Vizla paired the newcomer with scout Torian Cadera and send them to capture the perimeter defense guns and reprogram them to target the factory itself. Forward teams led by Valk Beroya and Breyer Chorn moved to take down the factory's energy shield generators and destroyed them with explosives.

The factory's shields went down and the Mandalorians held a Kote ky'ram Death Ceremony for their fallen comrades during the night. In the morning, Vizla send Clan Beroya and Clan Fett to take the factory's power stations, while Commander and Torian kept the air and sniper units at Zakuulan tactical post distracted.

Before moving inside the factory, Vizla shared her battle plan with the Alliance Commander, who provided the Mandalorians factory schematics recently obtained by Theron Shan. Torian and the Commander located the Prime and removed the droid from her alcove, while the Mandalorians were able to secure a sufficient amount of weapons before Vizla ordered an organized retreat.

Following the battle Torian asked the Mandalore to join the Alliance as her liaison, and after his request was graned, returned to Odessen along with the Commander. Identifying a lone warship scheduled to recharge its hyperdrive as their target, the Alliance leadership moved to intercept it. Koth Vortena took the Gravestone to the location of the warship and stayed onboard to jam its communications, while SCORPIO confused the vessel's targeting systems, allowing Theron Shan to pilot a shuttle inside its hangar.

Eternal Empire conquest

After the Commander made their way to Lana, the prisoners were released from their cells and went to the escape pods , while Senya and the Commander went to confront the GEMINI captain on the bridge. They overpowered the captain, who revealed that her obstacles were merely to stall the intruders for time and transferred her consciousness into the GEMINI frequency, triggering the ship's self-destruct.

The Commander and Senya rushed back to their shuttle, where Theron and Lana picked them up and left just before ship exploded. Arcann and Vaylin then arrived with the Eternal Fleet, but the Gravestone managed to escape into hyperspace with everyone safely onboard before any shots ertr fired. Having deliberate left a Arcann's detachment seemingly under his control, SCORPIO then revealed her scheme to both the Alliance and Emperor Arcann, providing him with the location of the Alliance base in order for her enemies to destroy each other.

As they infiltrated the flagship, Vaylin contacted the group and revealed that Arcann was on the flagship's bridge, prompting Senya to separate from the rest and confront her daughter personally. After reaching the bridge, Lana stayed behind to deal with Knights of Zakuul, leading the Commander to confront Arcann alone.

The two engaged in a duel, and the Commander managed to overpower Arcann, but the Eternal Fleet warships opened fire on the flagship, crushing Arcann under a pile of debris. The Commander had to retreat in a small patrol craft as the ship was falling apart, while Senya reached the bridge and pulled her son from under debris. Vaylin arrived to confront her mother, only for Arcann to Force-push her away.

Enraged at her brother, Vaylin was forced to retreat back to Zakuul, while Senya took her wounded son into his personal shuttle, escaping into hyperspace.

Theron Shan then fired the omnicannon on the Eternal Flagship, creating a massive chain explosion that completely wiped out the present portion of the Eternal Fleet, winning the battle for the Alliance, and inspiring many more Imperial and Republic forces to join the Alliance's cause, bringing with them enough starships to form an Alliance fleet. She then ambushed her mother and ignited spilled rhydonium before engaging Senya in a duel. Single-mindedly driven to kill her mother, Vaylin attempted a finishing blow, only to hit a damaged hyperdrive which exploded, allowing Senya to escape.

Theron Shan and Sana-Rae were already onworld and alerted the Alliance about the attack, allowing the Alliance to scramble the fleet in response.

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Theron Shan attempted to rally Voss commandos to the defense of Voss-Ka , but their forces were outmatched, and he led the group to take shelter in the Tower of Prophecy. Emerging from hyperspace, the Alliance engaged the Eternal Fleet, while the Commander, Lana Beniko and Torian Cadera landed in a stolen Zakuulan shuttle with a group of Mandalorian commandos.

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The Mandalorians engaged Vaylin forces, while Lana and the Commander met Theron at the Tower of Prophecy, where they received a distress call from Senya, who pleaded the Alliance for aid, promising that Arcann would join their fight if healed. Inside the Shrine, they met with Senya, who bargained for her son's life and asked the Commander to hold of Zakuulan forces.

The Commander agreed, and collapsed the tunnel behind them to stop the reinforcements from reaching Senya's position, while Senya ordered the Voss Mystics to take her strength to heal her son. The Mystics transferred her strength to Arcann, healing his injuries and mending his broken spirit, though this act left Senya comatose. Arcann awoke confused and, witnessing his mother's lifeless body, fled the Shrine to his shuttle, believing her dead and escaping into hyperspace.

Vaylin has ordered the Eternal Fleet to burn her entire family regardless of casualties on Voss, but the tide of the battle was turned by the arrival of the Imperial Fleet led by Sith Empress Acina , prompting the GEMINI captains to flee in self-preservation. In flight and away from prying eyes, Acina assured the Commander that her offer of partnership was genuine, but their conversation was interrupted by a sudden engine failure, requiring them to abandon ship.

Stuck in the wilderness of Dromund Kaas, Acina and the Commander went to the crashed shuttle, where a group of GenoHaradan assassins was waiting for them. Killing the assassins and locating their camp, the Commander discovered a holorecording from former Republic Chancellor Leontyne Saresh , revealed to be the one who ordered the hit on them. Forced to take shelter in a Sith tomb, Acina and the Commander found the traitorous Minister Lorman, who was behind the shuttle sabotage, and a GenoHaradan strike team seeking to finish their job. Again prevailing over the assassins, Acina offered the Commander to decide Lorman's fate, while Theron informed the Commander that Saresh was coming to Odessen in a bid to take over the Alliance.

The Commander quickly returned to Odessen, where Saresh panicked and tried to flee, but was cut off by Lana, her at the Commander's mercy. Acina then contacted the Commander again with a formal offer on an alliance bewteen two independent forces against the Eternal Empire. The Galactic Republic reacted to this news withh caution and, believing the Eternal Throne to be untouchable, officially decided to stay away from the fighting and continue paying their tribute to Zakuul.

She and Vaylin captured a civilian cargo freighter Ridala and killed its captain, staged an attack on it by the Eternal Fleet and send a distress call, impersonating the ship's captain. Gravestone captain Koth Vortena answered the call and allowed Ridala to land inside his hangar, allowing Vaylin and her Horizon Guard to round up Koth's crew and take control of the vessel.

The Alliance fleet arrived and engaged the Eternal Fleet, while Lana and the Commander boarded the Gravestone and met with Koth, who explained them that unlocking the bridge without entering a hidden passcode would trigger the quantum bomb installed as a precaution. The Commander joined Koth in disabling the bomb fuses spread throughout the ship, while Lana provided distraction. Lana was cornered by Vaylin in the Dark Sanctuary where the bomb was hidden, and Koth and the Commander rushed there to save her, where Vaylin engaged the Commader, but the spirit of Valkorion himself intervened to preserve his host.

Valkorion triggered Vaylin's secret mental conditioning, making her powerless, and Vaylin fled the scene.

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Koth Vortena and the Commander rushed to the omnicannon from Vaylin's forces, but in their absence Vaylin returned to the bridge and threatened to kill Torian and Vette, but was unable to hurt anyone before a blinging white light coming from Iokath engulfed the ship. Alliance and Eternal Empire personnel awoke on the surface of the strange world, separated from each other and placed in scenarios that resembled combat simulations. During most of the Sith Emperor's absence from reigning his Sith Empire , he had been secretly developing a new empire, the Eternal Empire , positioned in uncharted territory within Wild Space and with its capital on the planet Zakuul.

There, known as Emperor Valkorion , he built and strengthened his forces to one day emerge and conquer the galaxy. By BBY , the Sith Empire's few outposts in the Wild regions had been wiped out by the Eternal Empire to test the latter's strength although the Sith Empire was unable to discover the culprits. Soon that year, as the Galactic War raged between the Sith Empire, Republic and third parties, the Eternal Empire launched raids and decimated several of their planets, including Korriban , before retreating back into Wild Space.

Marr and another prominent figure, who would become known as " the Outlander ", were captured from Marr's destroyed flagship by Prince Arcann , the surviving son of Valkorion, and brought to the Emperor on Zakuul. Valkorion offered to share his power with his captives if they would kneel before him. Marr, recognizing Valkorion as the Sith Emperor, refused, and was killed for his defiance. As he offered the same to the Outlander, Valkorion was killed, and Arcann assumed the throne in his place.

The new Emperor publicly accused the Outlander of his father's assassination, and declared that the Core Worlds would burn as a result. The Outlander was frozen in carbonite , as Arcann sensed that Valkorion lived on within the mind of his "murderer". Arcann's war was swift and brutal.

Directing the fleet from the Eternal Throne, the new Emperor attacked both Republic and Empire at once, destroying their shipyards and blockading the major trade routes. The Eternal Empire had numbers and speed on its side; only ships powered with isotope-5 could hope to evade the more powerful vessels of the Eternal Fleet. Within three months, they had achieved naval superiority over both sides, and by the end of the first year, the Republic capital of Coruscant and the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas were blockaded. Similarly, the Republic's Supreme Chancellor , Leontyne Saresh , refused to submit the Republic to Zakuulan authority - and, incredibly, waged a war against both the Eternal Empire and the Sith Empire, at the cost of millions of Republic lives.

The Minister of Logistics did likewise for the Empire. With little option left to them, both sides agreed. In the years that followed, Saresh was out of power, but continued to dictate policy through her successor, Jebevel Madon. Similarly, with the Dark Council practically dissolved, its one visible remaining member, Darth Acina , declared herself Empress of the Sith.