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She was so pissed, in fact, that she hired men to kill him. He escaped with some physical scarring and for the past few years has hidden himself away in his home to avoid any further attempts on his life. Apparently through their tons of sex, they heal their personal wounds and become whole again. Throughout the story she grows albeit unsubtly into an independent woman who refuses to be a doormat.

That was the only truly emotional scene in the entire story. On a side note, I really liked the packaging of the book, which has a beautiful color scheme and feel to it.

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Enslave : The Taming of the Beast

I am working on a skill for that. Wyvern spawn as neutrals and you have to kill the eggs for them to appear. You can do it after winning the battle. Originally posted by werdi-eh :.

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There's an event where you perform a misdeed with a demon named mephistophelese that results in being able to hire bats and beholders. Or there is in AOF 3, but I think it's in this game too. A necromancer can raise the body of a wolf and it becomes an undead wolf.

Enslave: The Taming of the Beast

There is a way to counter the morale penalty of enslaved. There are the traits purple heart and surviver. They both increase the base morale of the unit. I'm not sure about the criteria to get them but I think it's taking damage or maybe healing a unit from 1 hp.

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These will increase the base morale of the units in fights. There will still be a red morale icon showing in the party screen, however the traits will kick in during fights. He requires that she always be naked. They have a lot of sex which includes bondage, spanking and sex toys. A second story is about Nadia's sister Jelena. She married a wealthy older man Henry. He pays a monthly allowance to Jelena and also to her father.

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Jelena asks for more money to help Nadia which Henry refuses. Jelena knows Henry will probably divorce her for someone younger and leave her with no money. She takes steps to get money and power. She uses sex to make this happen. There are several Jelena sex scenes in the book which include 2 women, 2 men with 1 woman, and rear door activity.

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DATA: Story length: pages. Swearing language: strong, including religious words. Number of sex scenes: Total number of sex scene pages: around Setting: current day Nevada. Copyright: Genre: erotic romantic suspense.

Told with and in an excellent voice, composition, and new detailing, "Enslave" gives an erotically modern retelling of the story most of us have known since childhood. It isn't a story that is told with heavy emotions or incredible depth, but it does have a view that is by far spicy, sweet, charming, and interestingly nice in all the right ways. Centered around three main characters this story begins similar to the old "Beauty and the Beast" in where the first main character, a Russian beauty, named Nadia Bessonova's father has stolen "the Rose" from the Beast.

That "beast" being Dominic Luder who is an ex-criminal, killer, and mobster. It is because of that Dominic has come to brutally collect from the patriarch Bessonova, whose main course in life has been to steal, cheat, lie, and cast off his daughters through any means productive for him such as marriage and sex. Bravely, Nadia makes the decision to go with Dominic so that she can buy her family sometime.

While in captivity, she learns about satisfying lust and that Dominic is more than she expected. She learns that he is a trapped person who has created a prison as safety, and he learns through his regained lust and reopened vision how to trust and care for another again. However, as a new twist to the tale, the sister of Nadia, Jelena, comes to narrate the distressful and empowering attempt of helping her sister.

With each narration you see every character grow and change Nadia being the least to have to change as their experiences happen to them. In a nutshell, this book seriously won't let you down. However, that is all based upon the fact of your liking a "good" erotica and tale mixed together as one. When he crosses the wrong person, his daughter Nadia takes the heat for him by selling herself to Dominic Luder, a brutish, scarred man.