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Well, remember when those gummy vitamins came out? Not the chalky kind, but the candy-like teddy bear variety?

Johnny Cash - Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday Scaries are just like that, except they resemble sugar-coated Dots, rather than bears. Most gummy and chewy products contain gelatin to procure that classic chew. Happy New Year, Scaries fam! One Sunday Scaries gummy is a convenient, safe, and affordable way to tone down the stressors and make life seem manageable. Because not all of us have the time or the financial resources to book a yoga retreat in Thailand or attend daily sound bath sessions in WeHo.

Let yourself relax. This is a sponsored post by Sunday Scaries. This is an opinion article based on experience and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Tanya Flink is an Orange County journalist willing to drive for vegan food. She currently serves as the Lead Writer for Switch4Good. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By Tanya Flink. The removal of a "Sunday premium" for Next workers caused a row in May this year.

The company had actually stopped writing Sunday premiums into new contracts since - but the controversy arose when they sought to move all their workers onto the same contract. It was part of a gradual phase-out.

Between and , Next workers were paid "time and a half" for Sundays. That then became "time and a quarter" for contracts signed between and A similar move by Boots in was ruled unlawful by a tribunal the following year. Among the exemptions are big Jewish retailers, which have been allowed to open on Sundays since even before the Act.

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It makes sense. Sundays were originally designated as a "day of rest" for religious reasons. And whereas Sunday is the holy day in Christianity, Jewish people observe the Sabbath from sunset on Friday until Saturday evening. The law acknowledges this. Large businesses can declare as Jewish to the local authority and thereby not be subject to the same Sunday restrictions. The stipulation - should anyone wish to skirt the law - is that the shop remains closed during the Jewish Sabbath. For shops owned by a partnership or company, the majority of partners or directors must be Jewish in order to be considered a Jewish business.

10 quirks of Sunday opening

The law also applies to people of other religions who observe the Jewish Sabbath. There's an eight-hour window - 10am-6pm - in which the big shops can have their six hours of opening. Tesco's most common Sunday opening hours are 10am-4pm, says a spokesman. But it varies across the England and Wales. But in London's Oxford Street the standard opening hours for the big department stores are noon-6pm.

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  8. There'll be a set opening time in most shopping centres, in which the specific opening times may be out of the retailers' hands, says Rayner. But when they do have a choice, large stores will rely on analytics such as footfall or the movement of people, she says.

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    One of the less anticipated outcomes of the law was the phenomenon of queuing outside supermarkets. The rise of convenience stores in the last two decades has been put down to a variety of factors - everything from changes to planning rules to emphasise town centres, to changing lifestyles and longer work hours. But the fact that the smaller stores are able to open for longer hours on Sunday gives them an advantage over the giant suburban and out of town stores. It's not just store opening, there are restrictions on the loading and unloading of deliveries before 9am to large shops.

    Local councils have a degree of discretion. Large shops have to submit an application and the council considers whether the noise created would cause " undue annoyance to local residents " and can set their own licence fee. Larger shops can therefore theoretically open for more than six hours.

    But despite's its less regulated situation, Scotland has places where no shops open.

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    In certain places - including the islands of Lewis, Harris and North Uist - shops do not open on a Sunday. Often places where the Free Church has a large following sometimes do not have shops open. Pubs weren't covered by the Sunday Trading Act. But they only had to wait until the next year for change.